Aug 17, 2008

SlingBox Some Golf

I'm very big on recording TV on PC and through my PVR that's hooked up to my TV. I use alot of the golf coverage right here on my blog for those that might of missed they can check it out all right here or on YouTube where I also post them. I've always heard of the device called a SlingBox but mainly thought it wouldn't benefit me. Now I'm thinking maybe a SlingBox SOLO is the way to go.

With a SlingBox SOLO I can watch and control all the golf I could possible want all from my favorite golf stations anywhere in the world using my laptop or mobile phone. Tell me that's not a great use of technology. So if it's on my PVR , digital cable, satellite receiver, or DVD player. So if it's on my TV it can be on my computer or phone with no monthly fees. With the Slingbox SOLO, I can watch golf whenever I want which is great for my lifestyle.

Right now has a great sale and as far as I can tell the cheapest SlingBox SOLO on for a mere $124.95. is really making this easy for me to purchase especially with September around the corner and all the new shows starting their seasons again. I'm even thinking of buying two and giving one as a gift. We'll see.

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