Sep 15, 2008

Cameron Collector Ryder Cup Contest

I'm sure most who are a member over at the Cameron Collector forum know about the great Ryder Cup contest they have going on over there for some pretty sweet Ryder Cup swag.

It's a great Ryder Cup contest here's the scoop:

- one entry per member
- must be a member as of 9.10.08
- entries must be posted no later than 10:00pm 9-18-08 (entries received after said time will not be honored)

There is a possible 28 points available that the US and European teams will be competing for. Each match is worth a point and ties are halved. Each entry must have your name, user name, winning team and the final scores of each team.You must also include the name of the player you think will clinch the win for his team. This part will only be used in event of a tie between members.

***One thing different than with the majors contests - YOU CAN HAVE THE SAME PICK AS ANOTHER MEMBER.***

Entries should look like this:

Erik Olsen E Man USA 17-11 Tiger Woods

-In the event that there is still a tie(more than one member picked the same scores,team and clinching player) we will have another tie breaker to be
announced, in the event it is necessary. If there are two we'll play rock paper scissors. More than two and we'll draw from a hat.
-Any and all decisions/changes regarding the contest shall be made at the discretion of the TCC management.
Here's some pics of what you can win:

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