Feb 20, 2009

So Many Sports For The Kids

It's crazy how when you have a little boy so many just figure he's going into hockey when he gets big enough. Now don't get me wrong if that's what my little guy wants to do I'm OK with that but I will definitely not push and I'll want him to try a variety of sports and activities. I sometimes think people just push the hockey thing so much. I realize that living in Canada and the Ottawa area hockey is the #1 thing to do for kids both boys and girls. Why not expose them to other sports like golf for instance that needs more young people to get involved. Yes the season is shorter here and there's not as much amateur dollars dolled out for the sport but why not. Really I don't care what my kids go into as long as they love doing it because no matter if they have softball trophies, golf trophies, hockey trophies or Irish dance trophies on their mantels I'll be proud regardless.

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