Mar 1, 2009

Come On Spring

This is the time of the year my wife and I try to plan the Summer Vacation with the kids. Of course I always try to squeeze some golf in wherever we are like most years I get a few rounds in with my father-in-law or like last year got to marshal at the Canadian Open. You have to feed the addiction and it helps to have an understanding wife. This year is coming around as it look like we might be spending a few days near Quebec City so of course I'm checking not only vacation rentals in the area but where the nearest golf courses are. Google maps is so handy for this kind of research. There's also the possible of going down to North Carolina so I'm looking at some Outer Banks rentals as well as golf courses to many to research and there's also usually a few camping expeditions. Summer can't come soon enough so come on Spring.

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Anonymous said...

Good Luck For Your Vacation With Golf. It doesnt matter where you are going, as long as you will play golf. That's the true spirit of it.