Mar 14, 2009

Golf Contest - Triple Bogey Golf Shirt

By Ottawa Golf Blog   Posted at  3/14/2009 06:33:00 AM   10 comments

Golf Contest- Triple Bogey Golf Shirt
Ottawa Golf Blog recently did a review of the 2009 Spring Line From Triple Bogey Apparel because the guys are so generous we're giving away a golf shirt. All you have to do is respond in the comments section of this post as to why you need a new Triple Bogey golf shirt for the start of the Spring golf season. This golf contest is for the shirt "Front Nines" and it's a large. So lets here's why you need this shirt. My team(my kids) and I will choose a winner by the end of April. Good Luck!

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bigden said...

I would love to win the golf shirt because last season I played a round so badly (too many triple bogeys) I lost the shirt off my back! I need one to wear this season!

Anonymous said...

Hey guys I would love to win the Triple Bogey Golf Shirt! I am teaching a Start Smart Junior program this summer and have to find creative ways to teach the kids golf terminology. What better way to show them a sweet Triple Bogey Shirt to explain 3 over par:-)

Unknown said...

I want to do what Scott did in 88'. Hide out in the back 9..... chuck a grenade at the owner of the most pompous golf resort in calgary.... I would be wearing this shirt... Hail Triple Bogey... May God save us all!

cheers Devin

Rob James said...

I'm a poor starving student, free clothing and food is a must. You would be supporting a fellow golfer who is also a starving student. =) said...

Hi Sean

I don't play golf, I don't like golf, I don't like brown and I don't wear t-shirt with a collar... lol

What i do like is your idea if i win the t-shirt i will have the logo printed in the back and send it back to you for an other contest.

Cheers !


Triple Bogey Golf? It's all I play, no matter what I do or who I play, I can't stop swinging my club like a bat.

Charles Barkley has a Tiger Woods type swing compared to me, that is saying something!

Besides, if I am going to play Triple Bogey Golf, I might as well look dashing while I do it.

Great idea on getting traffic and comments! I need a new golf shirt for the upcoming season. I'm not sure if you've ever played golf in the dead heat of the summer down here, but it's a common occurrence to sweat through a shirt during a round and it's always good to have a back up for the 19th :)

Ordinary Jon said...

I need this shirt because I'm fat. I've eaten too much over the winter instead of getting out and playing golf.

This means that I am now not only fat but also regularly hit triple bogies making me the ultimate candidate.

Please help me and fatty ways or I will have to eat myself into oblivion and then I will need to enter competitions to win XXXXXL shits and let's be honest...who wants that on their conscience?? :)

Unknown said...

I need a Triple Bogey Golf Shirt to stop the other three members of my weekly foresome from commenting on my lack of golf fashion sense.

Tia Collins said...

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