Apr 24, 2009

iPods And Golf A New Trend

At the range lately I've been listening to my MP3 player and for some days it's great to just zone out hit some balls and listen to your favorite tunes. Recently though on one of the many golf forums I frequent a golfer brought up a great point about golfers using their iPods. When you're golfing do you not use most if not all your senses so if you can't hear the ball off the club head are you not cheating yourself out of true feedback. Many people have had different views saying it's a young persons trend, others says it's been around since the dawn of the Walkman. To some golfers using MP3 players during a solo round just makes it different and soothing. Some purists say it has no place. What do you think?

1 comment:

Unknown said...

I winder if thei see-more goes "doink" like the old ones?

Frankie C