May 17, 2009

Bridgestone B330-RX Golf Ball Review

Bridgestone B330-RX Golf Ball Review

When the folks at Bridgestone sent me some balls to review I was initially excited as I've only every tried their E5 and E6 balls. When I found out they were sending the new B330-RX model I was ecstatic. Here's a Tour caliber ball optimized for you guested it, hackers with normal swing speeds that are under 105 MPH (Bridgestone calls them highly skilled players). So that you and me the normal or not so normal everyday golfer.

Here's What Bridgestone Says About This Ball:

* SOFTEST multi-layer Urethane Ball on the market
* Large & SOFT Gradational Core with a soft feel and added forgiveness
* Mantle layer for high repulsion and workability
* SOFT Urethane Cover with Seamless 330 dimple design for pinpoint accuracy

On The Course
So would my slower swing speed benefit from the soft core of the B330-RX and bring me that added distance and control we as golfer so covet. I've been testing out this ball for the better part of the beginning of the season and here's the scoop from a 20 handicap golfer.

Driver/ Irons
The performance of the ball off irons is great. When you hit the B330-RX well with your irons compressing the soft core I love feeling the ball compress on iron shots. Well struck approaches, even with long irons, stop within a few feet of where the ball lands on the green. I found distances with my irons to be about the same as with most tour caliber balls.

The big stick handled the B330-RX very nicely although I didn't get any huge distance gains with the B330-RX I loved the fact that off my Nickent Evolver driver the ball launched mid to high with a beautiful boring flight.

Short Game
Chipping and pitching with this ball was very nice. I'm a 20 handicap golfer so I don't spin the ball but I do like when I pitch the ball and it stays online and stays where I want it to, the B330-RX responded nicely. Chipping the B330-RX was beautiful and consistent as well. As a 20 handicap golfer I need a ball that can help my short game. The B330-RX gets good marks here.

For me this is where the B330-RX excelled. I loved putting with this ball. Off both my regular putter (Scotty Cameron Red X3) and the one I'm presently reviewing (SeeMore FGP) the ball rolled pure and very consistent. I was even more consistent with distance control with this ball and the SeeMore which I can't say with other balls I used with the SeeMore. A downright pleasure to line up and putt.

At GolfTown you can pick up a dozen of these for $44.49. Try online and you might get it cheaper.

I really liked the B330-RX especially off the putter. I was a little disappointed with the distance off the driver with the B330-RX as it was pretty much the same as most balls I've played although the ball flight and consistency was great so I really can't complain that much. If this ball was a little cheaper this could be my ball this Summer.

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Anonymous said...

Tried theB330-rx and found it felt great off all clubs, distance was comparable to Cally HX tours I have been using and the Prov1's
the difference was I had trouble getting the ball to check up on full wedge shots. feel around the green and putting was wonderful however I felt the ball still did not hold as well as other premium balls specifically the Prov's.