May 29, 2009

Looking For Wedges

Who doesn't like getting a deal especially when it comes to golf clubs. Right now I'm looking for wedges, new ones to boot which is rather rare for me considering I trade for most of my clubs through golf forums. I do a lot of research online going through review after review because I don't have the time to demo these clubs at Golf Town and other places in the area. So this past week I've been searching looking for that Black Friday deal. One that I just can't turn down and is to good to be true. So far Golf Town has a great little deal going on til May 31st. Buy one Wilson Staff TW9 ($99) wedge get the second at half price. Now I haven't heard a lot about these wedges but just from a looks standpoint they look pretty nice in the gunmetal finish and there seems to be a host of loft options. My hunt continues for new wedges.

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kokogirl said...

I like the look of Wilson Staff TW9 wedges, but I have not tried them. I recently bought Cleveland GC14's, 54 & 58 deg. I ordered them with the Nippon 950 shaft, to make them lighter. I love them. I chip much better with them, probably because I like them so much that I practice chipping more!