May 30, 2009

Putting Fundamentals From My First Golf Lesson

Last week I had my first of three golf lessons focusing on the short game. Last week's lesson was putting which was quite fun because I got to learn from an instructor what the proper way to putt is, at least according to this instructor. I'd always just putted by feel and never thought about grip, posture, alignment. What a hacker right? So here's some fundamentals of what I learned now I can't wait to apply it my next round which looks like Monday.

  • Grip - The hands are the only part of the body touching the club, they have to be on the club in a position that keeps the putter face a square through impact.
  • Posture - Proper posture creates good body balance, so the body stays quiet while making the putting motion.
  • Aim and Alignment - A square stance and alignment will encourage a square impact and alignment will encourage an on line putting motion.
  • Ball Position - Placing the ball in the correct position in your stance is critical to arriving in the correct impact position.

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