Jul 13, 2009

Puma Golf Tipper Golf Shoe Review

By Ottawa Golf Blog   Posted at  7/13/2009 01:43:00 PM   10 comments

Puma Golf Tipper Golf Shoe Review

The pair I received from Puma Golf were the white and black model. I've never owned any type of Puma shoe so I was excited to test them out. At first glance they look very much like your everyday traditional golf shoe but upon further inspection there's a lot going on with these golf shoes. After just unboxing them I can see why people wear them they are pretty damn sexy looking. Mine were size 12 and they don't look like huge I believe partially due to the concealed laces and the contrasting black upper half of the shoe. The Tipper shoes are very much sleek and stylish appealing to both the golf hipster and the more traditional golfer.

On Course/ Comfort / Technology
Out of the box these fit great with no break in period what so ever. I have a narrow foot with a high arch but these fit great with more than enough room. They are so much lighter then my current Adidas golf shoes which I thought were pretty light. When I first put them on the Tipper it really felt like a lightweight running shoe for golfing.

Part of the reason these golf shoes feel so light is that the Tipper golf shoe sits on a full foot thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) outsole which is fancy talk for a . The other reason is these golf shoes don't have your regular plastic spikes. Puma has designed a lightweight permanent spike system called Smart Quills. And these quills sure do stick just like a porcupines. The left and right shoes Quills are design different based on a golfers swing and the torque that they create during the movement of their swing. These really do work great, I've had no slipping or sliding on the course whether it's with my driver or my wedge out of the rough(I am a high handicap golfer right!). I wish I had these back when I lived in North Vancouver on the Wet Coast.

After any of the rounds of golf with these Tipper golf shoes my feet never felt achy or tired can't say that about most of my other golf shoes. The Tipper model has a 2 year Waterproof guarantee and so far I've had no problems with my feet staying dry even after some pretty heavy rains we've been getting here in the Ottawa area.

I really like the Tipper model from Puma Golf. It's a great lightweight shoe shoe that's great for walking the course. A love the style of the shoe and it will appeal to all types of golfers. I love the use of cutting edge technology in their golf shoes especially the Smart Quills. I don't know how long the built-in quills will last especially if you play many rounds during a season but so far mine have held up nicely. PUMA says they'll last for years – covered by a two-year limited guarantee. Also because there are so many quills on these golf shoes always make sure you give them a good clean after each round because they can get quite clogged with grass especially if you play in wetter conditions. The price on these is around $170 USD which is pretty reasonable for the same kin of shoes in this category. All in all a well built, great traction, lightweight and comfortable tour-grade golf shoe.

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