Aug 7, 2009

Golf Obssessed

Do you constantly check the weather on the Weather Network even if you don't have a tee time for that day? Do you go out of your way when traveling home from work to drive by a least one golf course before you get home? Do you dream of installing a putting green in your backyard? In the line at the grocery store does the Symbol LS2208 bar code scanner remind you of an invention idea you had for a golf simulator. Do any of your children have middle names like Augusta or Tiger? Do you have more than 10 golf courses on speed dial on your cell? Do you recognize pro golfers better than your local and Federal politicians.

If any of these ring a bell please consult your local golf course right away:


Unknown said...

Nice one. I say don't worry about the weather, play year round with GolfAchiever

Par2Pro said...

I agree - I belong to golf-a-holics anonymous.

And there are some really great systems out there to play year round. Just check out which has multiple systems can offers unbiased opinions based on clients and experience.