Sep 1, 2009

Hints For Golf Course Owners

Do you ever have a round of golf that when you hit one of those difficult holes you always end up making the wrong decision and compound your mistake by turning a bogey into a double or even worse a triple bogey. As a high handicap golfer, this year I was trying to improve this feature of my game. So far it's been a good year and I've reduced those big numbers. They do still pop up here and there and that's a little frustrating even for a high handicapper like me because for me its always good to set goals when it comes to golf regardless of your playing ability.

Maybe courses could invent something to be compatible with their GPS systems. It would be like having helpful hints for each hole displayed along with GPS info. A little "if your going to miss it miss it here" kind of sign. Just like exit signs on doors. A way to limit your mistakes an exit so to speak. One can only hope right?

Another idea might also include the following:

Pretty much all courses have websites now they might think about putting within the description of the holes of their course a little cheat sheet or helpful hints for each hole. Definitely would help the high handicap golfer. Just my opinion.


Michael Green said...

I like it! A universal "don't miss to this side" symbol!

The only issue I could see is that course guide makers might not be happy with the idea.

Other than that, it's a good one!

Anonymous said...

Don't agree, half the challenge is sussing the course out in your own head.

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