Sep 24, 2009

Honey Do List Shorter Now - Look Forward To Golf This Weekend

Well another productive week almost over unfortunately hasn't amounted to any golfing this week but the weekend looks promising with my Father-in-law in town the only thing that might hold us back is rain on Sunday.

It has been productive getting some stuff down around the house. With the nice weather we've been having lately in this neck of the woods I was trying to get a few things crossed off the "honey do list". So staining our decks was high up on the list and have completed one entirely and started another one today. Kids window air conditioners are packed away- check. Clean my work room area and gather items for our Saturday Garage Sale -check. At one point this week it felt like I was going to be doing another long distance moving odyssey like I did a few years ago from B.C. My week consisted of packing various size boxes with stuff for the garage sale as well as just packing stuff away for the Fall. A lot less stress packing for that then actually moving.

So it looks like I might have the green light for some golf action let's just hope the weather holds and my swing stays on plane. :)

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