Sep 1, 2009

Off to Disney World

Well my family and I are headed to Disney World tomorrow for a week. A little impromptu family vacation and to celebrate my middle child's 6th birthday. Needless to say the kids are a wee bit excited about the whole trip. We're staying right at the Pop Century Resort right in the heart of all things Disney. We've trying to give them little tidbits of info here an there to let them know what to expect. We're booked into a dinner the first night with a dinning experience with actual princesses to for my girls this will be quite the experience. We'll be taking in all the parks and water parks as well and from looking at the maps I may need a Garmin GPS just to get around if I do any exploring which for me is usually the way I like to operate but after careful deliberation I think I'll stick to taking shuttles and other forms of Disney transportation because I certainly don't want to waste time being lost. So I'll be soaking up the Disney Sunshine for the next week. I'll have limited access to my email so I might not get back to you til then. Til then good luck on the links.


Myrtle Beach golf said...

Hope u are enjoying the trip.

Epione, Los Angeles Cosmetic Surgery said...

Well, Happy journey!!!