Nov 18, 2009

Jesper Parnevik Files Lawsuit Against J.Lindeberg

One of my favorite golfers Jesper Parnevik just recently filed a lawsuit against J.Lindeberg. Jesper has long been the sole frontman of J.Lindeberg and at one time also a shareholder in the company.

Parnevik believes that he has not been paid by the company for the use of him in their marketing, while J. Lindeberg argue that there is no valid contract, according to business website E24.

It is sad that it has been like this, but his contract was in 2008. It is not true that we have used him in our marketing. Jesper has been valuable for the company and built up the brand, but our primary Name the last five years is a Colombian player Camilo Villegas, "says Stefan Engstrom to E24.

It will be interesting to see how the over 1.3 million lawsuit pans out in the end. For Jesper fans we only hope his recovery is going well from hip surgery. Apparently he plans on playing all 6 rounds of Q-School coming up hopefully to avoid using his use his position on the list of the 50 players who have recorded the most money in his career.Good luck JP.

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Colt said...

I never saw this one. And he was just wearing there gear yesterday when I saw him.