Nov 5, 2009

While Sick I've Improved My Play On EA Sports Tiger Woods PGA Tour Online

Well it seems you can improve in some areas when sick looking at my numbers on the second go around as a Beta tester for Closed Beta 4 for Tiger Woods PGA Tour online you might say I actually don't suck anymore with a scoring average a little over 67 and already 5 aces after a little over 30 rounds. I've really gotten into strategies to maximize money while accomplishing objectives. This Beta graphically looks way better so maybe that's helping my play as well. Some other new features into an enhanced Pro Shop along with Simultaneous Multi-player as well as Golf live. See people you know and don't know while playing your favorite course. I also posted my lowest score last night a 56 which betters my low round by 4 strokes. I am part of an OttawaGolf group as well but don't really know where that will lead.

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