Jan 23, 2010

A European Tour Daly?

By Ottawa Golf Blog   Posted at  1/23/2010 10:17:00 PM   1 comment

I tend to watch a lot of European Tour golf firstly its great golf with more and more players getting into the top of the World Rankings. Another reason is  because I can usually always watch it online and  another reason is I love the announcers and their comments they're always very witty and full of knowledge.

I was thinking the other day what player if any would be comparable to John Daly on the PGA Tour. You know a guy that doesn't like flying prefers his motorhome for getting around. Has won a few Majors and has had a few to many divorces. A couple of brushes with the law as well. Oh ya I forgot to mention the extreme weight loss and bright golf attire as well. If there is any I'm not sure I know of any. Any ideas out there folks?
I guess with so much media following Daly lately and his new show to come in March I just was thinking if there might be someone on the big tour in Europe.

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Unknown said...

Congratulations for your blog!!

I also have one where I write about golf, amons other stuffs!



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