Feb 8, 2010

Was I The Only Who Wanted Luke Donald To Win?

By Ottawa Golf Blog   Posted at  2/08/2010 06:42:00 AM   3 comments

Come on I'm sure I wasn't the only one who wanted Luke Donald to break out with his first win in almost 4 years on Sunday at the Northern Trust Open. Instead we got boring Steve Stricker winning again. This guy just goes out hits fairways and has a great short game and wins gain. Now all the talk is about Stricker being #2 when I would of rather had the talk being about Donald's win.

I followed him around last year at the Canadian Open. It's hard to believe this guy hasn't on more. Maybe this is the year.

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Anonymous said...

You were not alone on that call, I have to say I wanted to see Luke get back to winning ways also. He looks like he's hitting his irons like he did a few years back with laser like precision (granted the odd loose one) but its good to see him playing well. What he needs to do now is build on that back of that result, build some momentum and get back into the winners circle sooner rather than later.

I'm with you, Sean.

I was hoping Luke would do it as it's a Ryder Cup year and a confident Luke Donald would be a massive asset.

pga tour said...

Same here guys i am also here who wanted luke to win.....

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