Mar 17, 2010

Happy St. Patrick's Day And Golf Related Shenanigans

Happy St. Patrick's Day everyone I know I'll be celebrating my Irish Heritage at some point today after a quick nap after working the night shift. Although we're still not golfing here in the Ottawa area it won't be long now til we're seeing green grass flying as we take divots from the earth with our Winter induced swings. Here's some things related to golf and St. Patrick's Day you might just want to check out.

Padraig Harrington teeing up at the first tee on Thursday after taking in the St. Patrick's Day party that President Obama is putting on. Tell me there won't be a few pints drank the night before hopefully he makes his tee time. Should I or shouldn't i pick him in my Fantasy Golf League.

I really doubt Canadian based golf Apparel company Sligo Wear has anything to do with Ireland except coincident or not it's name is a County in Ireland and "Sligo" comes from the Irish: Sligeach meaning "shelly place". They certainly also have some great golf attire for St. Patrick's Day.

Brandon Tucker reminds us to start planning our Ireland golf vacation. I can't believe the last time I was in Ireland traveling late in the 90's I didn't even golf. I wonder will the wife go for a Ireland golf vacation.

What would St. Patrick's Day be without a golf contest put on by the 14 Stix. Check out the details below.


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Unknown said...

Top o' the morning to you Mr. Crogie. The valley is chocked full of us...