Mar 23, 2010

SeeMore Gunmetal Putter - The DB4 CS Gunmetal

This time of the year is sort of a love/hate thing with all the new releases from Putter Companies, Club Manufacturers and Apparel Companies I just want all the new golf stuff. Of course the wife won't let me as well the kids need new bikes/Spring shoes/etc etc you know where I'm going with this.

Anyways SeeMore Putter Company has put out another beautiful putter the DB4 CS Gunmetal. Something about a gunmetal finish club the dark finish just looks amazing as well as framing the ball so nicely. SeeMore really knows what works. Be sure to check out SeeMore`s online catalog where you can compare all the putters together and get the specs you need to make an informed decision. Here`s the press release.

SeeMore introduces DB4 CS Gunmetal with RST2 Technology

SeeMore Putter Company follows up on the growing success of its flagship putter line by launching the new DB4 CS Gunmetal, which features RST2 technology. The DB4 is the most exciting new product launch from SeeMore in many years, as it offers a very simple, effective, and innovative twist on a classic design. RST2 alignment technology expands the proprietary alignment benefits of SeeMore’s patented RifleScope Technology (RST) to a classic blade design with offset hosel for the first time.

“The new DB4, like all of the SeeMore putters before it, is one that solves one of the most fundamental problems in putting, that of consistently accurate alignment at address. It offers the confidence to make a fundamentally solid and repeatable putting stroke each and every time, said Jim Grundberg, SeeMore’s Managing Partner. “The RST2 patented alignment feature is extremely exciting in that it has been developed with the input of the world’s best tour players over the past 2 years and simply makes a great putter design better by improving a player’s ability to set up square to the intended target line.”

The RST2 alignment system is housed on the top of the hosel vs. the original RST system that is found on the top heel section of the putter. The 2 white lines on top of the hosel are milled perfectly parallel to the face of the putter, creating a perfect "gun sight" effect where the golfer is assured of being square to the intended target line when the white lines are visible and the signature red dot is hidden. The RST2 system also assures that the loft of the putter head will be optimal for perfect roll on every putt. The golfer also can be confident that by lining up the 2 white lines, and making sure the red is not visible, that his eyes and shoulders and hips will all be square to the intended target line. This means that the golfer will enjoy a much greater probability of making a consistently perfect stroke with each and every putt, leading to more made putts and lower scores due to improved putting. The RST2 brings most of the key benefits of SeeMore's patented and proven RST (RifleScope) technology to the large golfing population that loves the classic looks of this type of putter.

The DB4 is 100% milled in the USA, and is available carbon steel with a proprietary multi-layer black satin finish for striking and lasting beauty, for $295. It is available immediately.

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