Jun 9, 2010

Sligo Wear Exudes Cool - Sligo Apparel Reviews

If you happen to be watching this weeks coverage of the St. Jude Classic down in Memphis, Tennessee you'll notice the defending Champion Brian Gay quite easily he's the guy who drives the ball straight, hits lots of greens and putts like a bandit. Gay currently ranks first in driving accuracy on Tour (73.56 percent) and is fifth in putting (1.722 putts per hole). You'll also notice him because he exudes cool wearing his Sligo Wear apparel and his trademark black shades.

I love the fact a guy from Fort Worth, Texas who went to school at University of Florida (Two-time All-American) is sponsored by a good ole Canadian Apparel Company. I've never owned any Sligo Wear and have just followed their innovative styles and aggressive colors from afar. No longer, I was given the opportunity to try out and review some of their apparel. So could clothes that a 3 time PGA Tour Winner wear help improve a hackers game, I can only hope some of Brian Gay's magic will rub off on me. So here's my take.

O'Brien, Scriver and Gator Golf Shirts

Sligo Golf Shirt Scriver McKenna Review - Spring 2010

An incredibly soft golf shirt it's 100% polyester but feels almost like a silk blend shirt. Extremely lightweight and was great for keeping me dry even during the hottest days. Really like the graphic that goes across the chest. Really contrasted well with the color of the shirt. Sligo logo a nice subtle touch on the left side of the shirt.

The Scriver shirt I got to review was the McKenna color but they also come in Ice, Crimson, White and Slate in sizes small to XXL.

Scriver In Action

100% Technical Polyester Jersey, Wicking, UV Protectant, Anti-Microbial, 4 way Mechanical stretch.

Sligo Golf Shirt O'Brien White Review - Spring 2010  
The O'Brien shirt is a very soft polyester golf shirt similar to the Scriver. The fabric is very lightweight and when your wearing the golf shirt it never sticks to you or impedes your swing .

The diamond graphics on the front carry over to the back left shoulder of the shirt. The color of the diamonds go great with the main color of white for this shirt. A very conservative looking shirt that goes with a variety of colors. Really like the Sligo logo on the back neck a nice accent.

The O'Brien shirt I got to review color was White but they also come in Ice, McKenna, Black  and Platinum in sizes small to XXL. Priced at $72 CDN.

O'Brien In Action

100% Technical Polyester Jersey, Wicking, UV Protectant, Anti-Microbial, 4 way Mechanical stretch.

Sligo Golf Shirt Gator White Review - Spring 
My favorite of the three golf shirts. When I first wore it, it reminded me of my old faithful basketball jersey but this golf shirt is way different. It is extremely lightweight the fabric is almost see thru but still feels very strong. I always worry about white golf shirts and keeping them clean but this shirt washed great. I just sprayed it with some stain remover and it washed out nicely. I also worried about the heat transfer print and how that would wash but had no problems there as well. Really like the graphic on this polo, it runs from front to back. Colors were great as well and it was easy to match up with some of my other golf attire.

The Gator shirt I got to review was white but they also come in Platinum, McKenna and Black in sizes small to XXL. Priced at $78 CDN a real steal for the quality of shirt.

Gator Has Some Bite

100% Technical Polyester Pique.
Enhanced wicking, UV protection, Anti-Microbial, 4 way mechanical stretch.

Sligo Vibe Belts-White w/ Matte Nickel Buckle Review
Oh! I do like white belts. I never had one up until a few years ago but now my wife thinks I'm the second coming of Herb Tarlek with the collection I have accumulated. So here's my take on the the Sligo Vibe Belt. Very nice soft leather just make sure you get the right size for your waist (Order 1 size larger than pants/shorts) because the leather is soft and it might crease. The buckle is matte nickel and isn't to heavy so it won't weight down your pants/shorts. Not to much bling just enough from Sligo which is all you need when it comes to a white belt. Very reasonably priced at $75 CDN.

Sligo Track Jacket White Review - Spring 2010
Golf Track jackets seem to be the new thing for Apparel companies to release and from the ones I've tried Sligo's offering definitely stands up to test. I used it extensively on the range and it kept me nice and warm. Fit me great considering I'm taller and have longer arms had ample room to swing the club. Again being a white track jacket I was worried about stains but the Poly/Cotton kit fabric was easy to clean a little stain remover and a wash and it was white again. The stripe graphic is a nice touch across the chest, chrome velvet no less.  I not only wore this on the golf course but for everyday life, so I also like it's versatility

The Sligo Golf Track Jacket I got to review was white but it also comes in black in sizes small to XXL. Priced at $95 CDN which is the going rate for golf track jackets these days so very reasonable.

BTW - The Sligo Wear hasn't made me a better golfer I just look better now!

Be sure to to check out Sligo Wear's website it has recently been redone. All the latest Catalogs as well as an online store to purchase your Sligo Wear.

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Will said...

Good, detailed review. I read a lot of blogs, and many do product reviews. Yours was very in depth and seeminlgy very honest.

Personally I don't own any Sligo but may take a second look at it.