Jun 1, 2010

Zach Johnson Loves His SeeMore Putter & So Does Ottawa Golf - Si1 Putter Review

SeeMore Si1 Putter Review

Interesting how my SeeMore Si1 putter review coincides with Zach Johnson's fantastic putting display on Sunday and wins at the 2010 Crowne Plaza Invitational at Colonial. I've used SeeMore's new Si1 putter since the beginning of the season here in the Ottawa area, and by far, it's been the most consistent club in my bag. Very much like Zach Johnson's putting over the weekend, I've made a lot of putts with this putter, and it has instilled at least a lot of confidence in my putting game. I'm not saying I'm the second coming of Zach Johnson, but for a 24-handicap golfer, when I line up a putt, I will make it or at least get it close for a tap-in. I like this feeling; hey, driver, are you listening?

Zach Johnson Making Some Putts Final Round 2010 Crowne Plaza Invitational at Colonial

 SeeMore Si1 Putter Review

I had the pleasure of reviewing one of SeeMore's putters, the FGP stainless steel blade putter, last year. I found it great for short putts, but I needed help judging speed/distance with longer putts. The Si1 has been a pleasant surprise this year, so here's more on my review of this new putter offered by SeeMore Putters.

The chosen one
Ted Gallina at SeeMore was great regarding ordering what specs I wanted and any questions I had. Here are the specs on the Si1 putter I've been reviewing since the start of the season:

Si1 Putter Specs
Loft- 3.5 degrees
Lie angle- 72 degrees(upright)
Length- 35"

Material: 303 Stainless
Construction: Cast/Remilled
Finish: Nickel Plated
Shaft Location: Center
Head weight: 330g

The Scoop from SeeMore's website about the Si1:
The new SiSeries combines the proprietary and proven alignment benefits of SeeMore RifleScope Technology (RST) in a new line of putters featuring thermoplastic face inserts for a softer feel and a slightly lower rebound characteristic preferred by some players. Si1 is a modern deep flange blade design with a center shaft, near-face balanced, and is only available now with a straight shaft. The Si1 features 5% toe hang, near-face balanced.
SeeMore RifleScope Technology (RST)
If you've never used a SeeMore putter, they all have SeeMore RifleScope Technology (RST). Line up your putter, ensure you can't see the red dot, and stroke the ball. It's easy to tell if you are correctly aligned or not. I love it; I pick my line, make sure the red dot is hidden and stroke the ball. Being a high-handicap golfer, I love knowing I'm at least lined up square to my target.

The finish
I've always been more prone to play putters with dark finishes, and again, SeeMore's nickel-plated Si1 is a winner in my eyes. It frames the ball nicely, has very little glare, and I've had no problems with the integrity of the finish. It's nice and durable.

The insert
I've never used a putter with an insert, so I was really interested in trying one. I've heard many people praise the inserts in their putters. Especially when it comes to softness and feel. The Si1 was good. The thermoplastic face inserts that SeeMore has in the Si1 made contact with the ball very smoothly regardless of the type of ball (distance ball, low compression, etc.). A nice cushioning feel. Is it the main selling point of this putter? No, for sure, it's the whole package.

The head cover
The head cover with the Si1 is a nice black leather cover with a Velcro closure and SeeMore stitched on the top. It's pretty standard, but I definitely like it better than the sock head cover from last year's FGP models. It has held up great since the beginning of the season.

The grip
The standard grip for the Si1 is the Winn AVS Red & Black Grip. It's a great all-around grip that I've had no problems with in both wet and dry conditions. There have been no wear issues, either. There is no reason to change it here.

For me, the two things that stand out about SeeMore putters are their great customer service and their ability to customize them. For anyone who hasn't ordered from Seemore, Ted is great to deal with. Everything is fully customizable when it comes to their putters. Head weight, lie, length, and custom engraving can be done to your liking.

Having my Si1 customized for my stroke was great. The prominent customization feature that helped me the most was adjusting the lie angle to be more upright (72 degrees), which helped with my stroke and instilled confidence in any length of putt.

Secondly, the RST technology helps a high-handicap golfer like myself ensure I'm square to my target, which is a big part of making more putts.

The Si1 can be bought through SeeMore's online store at a suggested retail price of USD 165. If you have questions about a putter that fits your stroke, contact someone at SeeMore. They can also be purchased here in Canada at your local Golf Town.

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