Aug 27, 2010

Golf Fashion Debate Continues......Who Cares About The Golf

Looks like Mike our friend at Chapeau Noir Golf has stirred up some online debate over his first article on The Man in the Black Hat's article centered on the Top 10 dressers in the Playoffs. The list had Camilo Villegas #1 followed by Ian Poulter #2 and Rickie Fowler at #3.

Ian Poulter starts us off by saying Camilo can’t be #1 because his wardrobe needs no planning (To bad Camilo isn’t active on Twitter).

While today Poulter, Bubba Watson and Pat Perez had a debate on Twitter who can pull off what color. Poulter also called out Perez on giving no love to Justin Rose's yellow shirt.

 Read this one from bottom up

The debate has even spilled over to The Hackers Paradise forum where everyone has their own top 10 list and will definitely tell you about it.

So here’s a few I like just because I can. What about you?

You win Poulter great all around look top to bottom.

Can't go wrong with two young guns McIlroy and Fowler

Brian Gay always looks stylish in his Sligo Wear. Here the Colter Black shirt doesn't disappoint.

Great look by Paul Casey this color with the white belt/hat/pants is spot on.


The Khaki Crusader said...


Love any and all fashion debates re: golf attire. Poults looked great on Friday at the Barclays in gray and I think he often does his best when he downplays it and goes with subtly. I think Adam Scott and Luke Donald are the best day-in, day-out dressers on Tour by leaps and bounds. They just understand fit better than most and judging by all the baggy pants out there, that's what pro golfers need education in the most. The shirts have seemed to come around a lot, but those damn slacks still don't fit properly on most guys. Big nods to Jason Day, Martin Laird and Dustin Johnson for understanding fit as well, even though I'm not a big Adidas fan. Those guys make it look better than most. Ryuji Imada is the best dressed guy casual fans don't know about and in a brand like JL, he'd have a chance to be the tour's overall sharpest, but Cutter and Buck does him zero justice. Guys like Poults, Fowler and Brian Gay add to that "kitschy" feel of golf, which I think is why golf attire's reputation is still Rodney Dangerfield in Caddyshack and so many people write it off.


DesignerGolfShop said...

My vote goes to Henrik Stenson for the simple Hugo Boss Tour look. Can't look past Poulter and Fowler for effort though!!