Aug 7, 2010

True Linkswear's Final Sample Pic and "Canada" Prototype

Final sample photos are up on True Linkswear Facebook page. The TRUE golf shoe looks crazy comfortable with a wider boxed toe design with a traditional black/white color combo in saddle style. TRUE spokesman Ryan Moore has been using these shoes for awhile now and they definitely compliments Moore's style . They promise more pics soon so sign up for the True Newsletter on now. You can follow them on Twitter for updates as well. @TRUElinkswear

TRUE in Black with White Saddle

TRUE linkswear also recently launched a ProShop on GolfWRX a very popular Golf Forum Community that I've been frequenting for a few years now. They've been talking about the product launch that will happen in October as well as pre-orders and anything else related to TRUE Linkswear. So be sure and check it out!

Any company that does a "Canada" prototype is ok in my books. 

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