Sep 20, 2010

Test Your Ryder Cup Skill - Join a Fun Ryder Cup Pool!

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Both teams have been chosen for the 2010 Ryder Cup and they will soon be heading over to Wales to get ready for what always proves to be exciting golf. Guys like Rickie Fowler (link) who didn’t make into this week’s Tour Championship have been brushing up on their match play skills in anticipation of the drama at the Ryder Cup.

If you love the Ryder Cup and want to pit your Ryder Cup knowledge against a bunch of other Ryder Cup fanatics then sign up for the Ryder Cup Pool at I’ve had the pleasure of being involved in various pools run by Seamus this year; they are aways enjoyable and can sometimes make following golf just a little bit more exciting.

The Ryder Cup Pool costs only $10 CDN. You get to make 6 Player selections along with a Team selection. Here’s the scoop on points and payment. If you have any questions, please contact myself or Seamus.

Points are awarded as follows:
Player points are based on individual player performance in all events. In Singles they receive 2 pts for a win and 1 pt for a half. In both Foursomes and Fourball they receive 1 pt for a win and 0.5 pt for a half.

Team points are based on the Final Ryder Cup standings and you will receive the corresponding points of the team side selected. Example: Eur 16.5 pts vs USA 11.5 pts.
The top 3 contestants at the end of play, based on their aggregate points from their selections (player & team) relative to the other contestants will be the Final Prize winners.
The Prize payouts, will be as follows:

* First Place 50%
* Second Place 30%
* Third Place 20%

If 3 or more tie for first the prize payout will be split amongst all who tie.
An email will be sent to each participant requesting team and player selections to be submitted. Selections including changes will be accepted up until 6pm EST on the day preceding start of play.

No responsibility will be taken for pool registrations or contestant's selections which are lost, delayed, damaged, not received properly on the web site or misdirected in any other manner in the mail or any other electronic means including the Internet.

Entry fee:
The entry fee for this pool is $10 Canadian payable on or before September 30th.
Preferred method of payment is by an Interac E-Mail Money Transfer from your online bank account. Please send to:

Payment by cheque, money order & bank drafts are also accepted by mail and must be postmarked before start of play. Payment can be sent to the following address:

Payment by cheque, money order & bank drafts are also accepted by mail and must be postmarked before start of play. Payment can be sent to the following address: 

Séamus Maher

121 Main Street West
Grimsby, ON L3M 1R5

Credit card payments are also accepted and these can be sent via PayPal at:

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