Nov 15, 2010

Q&A With Faddy Golf

Had the opportunity to ask James Kroh Business Director of Faddy Golf a few questions recently. Love the fact his golf apparel company is Canadian and they seem to be moving in a positive direction.

How did Faddy Golf start out?

Faddy Golf was an idea crafted on the golf course. My brother (Jeremy) and I felt as though very few golf apparel companies were taking note of the changing preferences of the “next generation” golfer, so we decided to change things. These problems namely include but are not exclusive to, poor fitting, poor quality, simplistic patterns and designs and an inability to keep up with the changing culture of golf i.e. the next generation of golfers. We then approached long-time friend and graphic designer Jeff Epp and pitched the idea to him….that night Faddy Golf was born.

Where do the design ideas come for your shirts?

The design ideas generally start with what is trendy and fashionable on the streets. We look at what’s “hot” in clothing for everyday life and use those trends to fashion our golf apparel. Essentially that’s what Faddy means. It is literally a slang word for “fashionable”, so Faddy Golf could be translated as “Fashionable” Golf. I think in a way that’s what sets our apparel apart. We carefully consider fashion in our brand while making sure that it doesn’t interfere with the “playability” aspect of the shirt.

How do you guys sell your golf shirts at $19.99 and other golf apparel companies charge a lot more?

The answer is simple…we’re not greedy. Well technically it’s a bit more complicated but let me try to explain. Right now we are priced at $19.99 because we are moving out the rest of our 2010 inventory, however even at our regular prices of between $29.99 - $39.99, we are still far cheaper than what you can expect to pay for most golf apparel. Competitors usually range between $59.99 - $89.99. And why is there a difference? Because we sell exclusively online. When you buy a golf shirt from your local pro shop of big box store, that item has already been marked up twice; it has to be, in order for everyone to make money. We cut out the middle man and sell directly to buyers; thus for taking a chance by buying online (which some people are still a little skeptical about) there are huge savings to be had. And this is the way we want it. There’s no reason for anyone to have to pay more than $39.99 for the highest quality golf apparel, well at least that’s how we see it.

What makes Faddy Golf shirts different from all the other golf shirts out there?

I touched on it before with the idea that we carefully take both fashion and performance of the shirt into account equally. In our opinion, most companies don’t. The one other important factor that makes us different has little to do with our golf apparel and more to do with the “Team” Faddy culture. We treat our customers as a part of Team Faddy, not as a customer. Anyone that orders off of us instantly becomes a member. We offer our members the highest services possible and reward those that make multiple orders with surprise extra’s, for example a free shirt. We also have a very up-to-date blog and other interactive features on our website that make each Team Member feel like a part of the company.

Any chance of seeing a player on the PGA Tour or maybe the Nationwide Tour decked out in Faddy Golf gear?

Over the course of the next year we do hope to have a player on the Nationwide Tour. We currently sponsor 3 touring pro’s that are playing on different tours and have represented us well. And as important as signing a big time pro may be, it’s the stories we hear from multiple Team Members that really inspire us. We’ve had many Team Members email us after ordering our apparel and tell us they shot their record low rounds wearing a Faddy. Others like our product so much that they’ve ordered as many as 12 golf shirts for themselves. So things like that can be just as cool as seeing our apparel on the big tours.

What are the plans for 2011 for Faddy Golf?

The plans for 2011 are simple. Tighten the collection and put out the best apparel in the industry at the best prices, hands down.


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