Dec 7, 2010

Best Hockey Stache Masquerading At Q-School

Andres Gonzales sure has a great stache. He's one of my new favorite golfers after reading various articles about him on Wei Under Par. He's been playing some great Scratch Golf clubs plus now he's got a PGA Tour card for next year. If golf doesn't work out he could sideline as an NHL defenseman. Go get em' next year Andres. We'll be watching next season when you hit your first shot off the tee as a full fledged member of the PGA Tour.

More news on Gonzales

Tim Finchem is said to be delighted that the US Tour is getting their very own, if rather dodgy, Miguel Angel Jimenez lookalike.

Its has also been reported than Finchem plans to have Gonzales star with Charley Hoffman in a 2011 PGA Tour Commercial which is said to be loosely based on “Oh Brother Where Art Thou”. Yeeee-hawwww!#

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