Jan 29, 2011

Miguel Angel Jimenez Snaps Putter Uses Lob Wedge

Miguel Angel Jimenez overcame a broken putter to shot a 65 in the second round of the Tournament of Champions in Bahrain on Friday. The 47-year-old 'Mechanic" snapped his putter in anger on the 13th but soon rolled in three successive birdies using a lob wedge. He may of wanted to revert back to the wedge today as he couldn't make any putts and fell out of the lead.

These guys are good how do you think you'd do putting with a lob wedge or have you done it before. LMK in the comments section.


Derek Franks said...

It looks like Robert Garrigus's putter now!

Alex Whittet said...

Hilarious! You can see Miguel is quite embarassed about it. He putted so well with his wedge though!

Rick said...

That's funny stuff and brings back memories of myself back about 25 years ago :)