Jan 25, 2011

PGA Merchandise Show - Who I'll Be Following

Golf Apparel - PGA Merchandise Show

One year I'll make it to the PGA Merchandise Show as an independent blogger but unfortunately I'll be doing my FT gig and will only be dreaming of sunny Orlando while I'm curled up in my favorite sweater by a warm fireplace here in Ottawa. Thinking of all those cool designs being scrutinized at the show.

This year I will be following through various social media outlets as usual (Twitter, Facebook etc.) Golf apparel leaders will be launching some significant campaigns at the show this year. So far more than 200 golf apparel related companies are utilizing the show to showcase their latest golf shirts, polos, pants, belts, footwear and accessories. It will be the mecca for all the Golf Fashion designs you peruse.

Here's a few of my favorites (Companies, writers, etc.) to follow on Twitter and Facebook to get the inside scoop on all the top names in golf fashion. Remember the 2011 PGA Merchandise Show runs from Jan. 27-29, in Orlando, Fla.

Travis Mathew - Just recently bought my first TM golf shirt (a belt from TM might be my next purchase) and it will be great to see their new designs for 2011. These lads from California are always great to follow on Twitter right now they're setting up their booth equipped with a ping pong table and some great wheels.

Kikkor Golf - Kikkor Golf's first time at the PGA Merchandise Show should be great exposure for this Canadian company run by James Lepp. Got the chance to review one of their golf shoes last year. I'm excited to see this Canadian company make a splash with their new golf shoe designs for 2011. Follow them on Twitter and Facebook to get your Kikkor Golf fix.

Puma Golf - Since Puma Golf signed Rickie Fowler Puma apparel has been at the front of the line when it comes to innovation and style. I know alot of what will be coming out from Puma from my contacts here in Canada but I'm still curious to see their layout at the show.

Iliac Golf - I'm curious to see their presence this year after signing Zach Johnson and David Duval to wear their apparel. This year’s line includes their Luxury Hybrid Golf Shirts, Hydroskin Outerwear, Merino Wool Socks, Italian Stretch Cotton Web and Leather Belts, Recoil Stretch Sweater and Dormy Series Pullovers.

TRUE linkswear - Another first timer to the Merchandise Show. Will be great to follow their arrival and the exposure they'll get for their unique style of golf shoes. Look later in the year for a review of one of their designs. Follow their tweets from the show here. Company co-founder and PGA TOUR winner Ryan Moore will be at the TRUE booth throughout the day on Friday, signing autographs from 1:30 - 2:30 p.m.

Sunice Golf - Before doing a review last year of one of their pullovers I really didn't know a lot about this Canadian company and their golf presence. I'm very curious to see how they're received at this years show. Having been chosen as an official Licensed Product Partner for the 2011 and 2012 PGA Championship as well as the 2012 Ryder Cup is big. Canadian-based Sunice® was also selected by the LPGA to design, manufacture and provide the waterproof outerwear that will be worn by the 2011 and 2013 U.S. Solheim Cup teams. Sunice is also a licensee of the PGA Tour and their TPC network of clubs.

The Hackers Paradise has some great coverage of the Sunice booth. Check it out.

Quagmire Golf - Glad to see some more Canadian exposure for the guys at Quagmire Golf. They're unique take on golf apparel will be great to follow on their Twitter feed and Facebook.

Continuing their quest to add a dose of unrepentant fun to all things golf, co-founders Geoff Tait and Bobby Pasternak are at it again with a collection unlike anything else on the market. This now includes retro tie-dye and splatter paint pattern tops, luxe layering pieces and ColorFusion polos and t-shirts that change color according to temperature. The latter have been burning up the blogosphere since first announced last Fall and have already been called "cooler than a Canadian cold snap."

"We've been totally amped by the response to our Spring collection, so launching a new line for Fall was a no-brainer," says Tait. "People really dig that no matter the season, we're giving them something that grabs attention on the shop floor and pushes boundaries without going over the edge."

Adults will dig new polos, t-shirts, jackets, hoodies, shorts, dresses, belts and lids, while kiddos will be so money rocking ColorFusion tops and plaid bottoms as they head to the tee or first day of school. To keep everyone feeling fresh, dry and protected from UV and wrinkles, a number of pieces include Quagmire's Gud N' Dri performance technology.

"With the great support we've received from accounts in the U.S. and Canada, we needed to produce an additional line to keep up with demand," adds Pasternak. "The emphasis is on fresh new fabrics and patterns that keep people stylin' year round. Now we're psyched to get to Orlando, show off the new pieces, see our friends and make some noise."

Quagmire is rocked by celebs and Tour pros worldwide who embody the brand's "Not Fit for the Fairway" motto, including Joe Affrunti, Karen Stupples and Brennan Webb. Check out www.quagmiregolf.com.

Be sure and check out the Khaki Crusader - aka Sean Hotchkiss and follow him on Twitter to get the scoop on golf fashion at the show. He'll also be emcee at several of the stage programs and will be offering daily presentations on the latest trends, performance fabrics and mainstream styles influencing golf fashion retail.

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