Feb 21, 2011

Quagmire ColorFusion A Family Love Affair

It’s always a fun day at the house when a golf package arrives in the mail. My kids get really excited especially the youngest. His eyes light up and he hopes he can try “Daddy’s new golf club”.

Just before Christmas some Quagmire ColorFusion shirts arrived for the whole family. I decided they would be Christmas gifts but it was hard to keep them a secret. I had told my girls about these shirts that change colour so the were intrigued. When they opened their heat activated ColorFusion shirts on Christmas morning, they immediately wanted to parade around in them.

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These ColorFusion shirts have become a bit of a Crogie fashion statement. We recently wore them to my daughter’s birthday party at our local bowling alley. Under the white lights at the Rock and Bowl, they sure scored some cool style points. My ColorFusion polo is orange and turns yellow when it gets above 20 degrees Celsius. Gus and Emma have green ColorFusion shirts that turn yellow, and Maya’s purple shirt turns pink.

The kids really love wearing these shirts. They especially enjoy showing their friends how to turn the shirt a different color. Their friends think it's pretty cool. What’s not to like with Quagmire’s ColorFusion Technology. My kids can't wait to test out their shirts on the golf course. My son now calls his ColorFusion his “golf shirt”. He can’t wait to wear it and practice putting with Dad.

Since the ColorFusion shirts were released on November 29th, sales have taken off for these fun shirts. At the 2011 PGA Merchandise show, demand and exposure was so great ColorFusion shirts are now sold out online except for kid sizes. More stock should be available online in the near future. GolfTown will also start carrying Quagmire in March.

From Quagmire Golf Media
What is ColorFusion?

Quagmires new state of the art technology will blow your mind! These crazy fabrics and screen prints will either change colour in the heat or sunlight depending on which styles you choose! A common misconception is that your armpits will be the only thing that changes, not the case! The whole shirt will change and anyway if you are worried about that and you can’t handle the “heat” you’re not cool enough to be wearing Quag anyway. If you want to get technical the Colorfusion shirts that change with heat will begin changing at 20 degrees Celsius (68 degrees Fahrenheit for our friends in the USA) and the screen prints change from UV rays so they work best on the bright sunny days. This product is meant to last and you can wash and dry this shirts just as you would all of your others.

Check out the new Quagmire Colorfusion we have added to the golf and kids line, the colours change right before your eyes. This sh*t is seriously crazy. Depending on the piece, either the whole entire shirt will change to a completely different colour from the heat, or the Rad Quagmire Screen Print will change colour in the sun!

Quagmire golf has come a long way over the past 5 years. We have had such great success in the Golf world that we have decided to add 2 more very cool Sub-Brands to the mix: Quagmire Premium, for a little classier touch and the all new very cool Quagmire Kids, for all those young Whipper Snappers looking to dress cool! We will always stick very close to our golf roots but wanted all the Quag fans to be able to wear their favourite brand all the time.

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