Mar 3, 2011

Cobra-Puma Golf to launch all-white Special Edition S3 driver

Cobra-Puma Golf first launched their White Special Edition ZL driver at the end of last year. Ian Poulter quickly won with it, all 500 limited edition drivers obviously went quick. Now comes the launch of the all-white Special Edition S3 driver. According to Emily Kay of the Boston Golf Examiner looks like more fun is to come from Cobra-Puma Golf with the launch of the S3 and Cobra's other products. Photos from

From Emily Kay of the Boston Golf Examiner

Cobra Golf to take Demo Day on the road

Cobra Golf will kick off the commercial launch of of its S3 driver by taking its PGA Demo Day experience on the road. The company, which merged with Puma a year ago and quickly sold out its 500 Limited Edition white ZL drivers late last year, will inflate its traveling white cube on the grounds of courses nationwide starting in April. The igloo-like structure was clearly the happening place at the PGA Demo Day in January, with a DJ spinning live tunes; free beer; and celebrity appearances by the likes of pro golfer and pin-up girl Blair O’Neal, teen whiz kid Lexi Thompson, and former Boston Red Sox star Johnny Damon (he may have played for the Evil Empire in New York and is now a Tampa Bay Ray, but it’s really all about the BoSox).

Coming-out party. "Demo Day was a real opportunity for us to have our coming-out party for Cobra-Puma Golf and showcase the energy and social atmosphere we can bring to golf," Brian Zender, Cobra Golf’s senior VP and GM, told Boston Golf Examiner.

Cobra will try to recreate its Demo Day mojo at demo days across the country. In addition to test-driving the sticks, golfers will have the chance to win prizes, including caddying for Cobra tour staffer, Twitter maestro, and fashionista, Ian Poulter.

The company will formally announce its loop-for-Poulter sweepstakes next month and in the May issue of Golf Digest. Meanwhile, the first demo day will be at Haggin Oaks Golf Complex in Sacramento, Calif., from April 29-May 1. The company hopes to host similar golf-ins at PGA and LPGA events, Zender said.

Neon orange on the tee? Zender, by the way, did not rule out the possibility of Cobra introducing the industry’s first orange golf club to reflect the favorite neon hue of Puma’s Rickie Fowler. Fowler does not play Cobra clubs, but is a colorful representative for Puma apparel and footwear.

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