Mar 8, 2011

Kentwool Socks, Asher Gloves, The Rope It

Here's the products that have come a cross my desk recently and are up for review. Some Kentwool socks arrived  not to long ago and I've been eager to test these out after lots of exposure from Bubba Watson and on their Twitter feed. I've had the chance so far to wear the Men's Tour Profile socks and what a different wool can make in socks.

The last few years I haven't worn a glove while golfing but that's going to change as I'm testing some gloves from Asher Golf. The CoolTech Birdy and the Birdy-Red. Check the pics below to see why they're called the Birdy. James from Asher Golf had a hard time last keeping up with demand. Can't wait to flip the Bird!

Ever wanted to safely hit full shots with your irons in your backyard. Well with the cleverly designed The Rope It you can. With enough space you can see 20 yds. of flight hitting a real ball. It's only for 6,7, and 8 irons. Good for golfers with limited time now your backyard can be your private range and warm-up area. Now I just need that last snow to melt in my backyard.


New York Synthetic Turf said...

I like those socks.

Jim Powers said...

I love the rope it product. Very cleaver way to practice in your backyard!

The Man said...

I have a Rope It! It works really well I use it every day and for warmup before a round.