Apr 17, 2011

Asher Gloves Bird is the Word

Asher Glove Review

Asher Golf makes golf gloves with character. These aren’t your boring Footjoy gloves. With names like Death Grip, Birdy, Eye Candy and One Glove you have to have some flair to wear these golf gloves. I haven’t worn a golf glove in about four or five years but I figured if I’m going to try to wear a glove again then Asher fits my style. I decided to place an order after a few emails back and forth with owner James Roundy. Large was the size I placed but some of the Asher styles fit smaller so be careful when ordering.

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Here’s what I ordered, from the company:

The Original Red Birdy
• Premium Pearl Gray Cabretta Leather
• Ultra-Thin and Tacky for Elite Performance
• Classic Tour Style Cut

Cooltech Birdy
† New Cooltech™ Premium Synthetic Leather
† Super-Tacky Cabretta-Leather Reinforcements
† Stretch-Fit Lycra® Finger Inserts

The Original Red Birdy I got in an XL and fit like your standard leather golf glove. Loved the red birdy and Asher accents subtle yet stylish. The Red Birdy held up pretty good for a leather glove but I would definitely go with a few tips that Asher Golf recommends:

  • After finishing your phenomenal round, please don’t just wad your glove up and stuff it in your bag. Show your glove some love! Place it in a smooth, clean surface and let it dry. To keep it extra fresh, store it in the packaging between rounds.
  • To maximize your gloves’ life and get the most bang for your buck buy two or three Asher gloves and rotate them every second or third hole as you play.

For those purists out there the Original is all you need to flip the bird when you take there money during match play.

The Cooltech Birdy I liked a lot better. The synthetic leather seemed to breath better than the regular leather. Making the round of golf or practicing more enjoyable. I went with an XXL in the Cooltech Birdy as it fits a bit small. Asher suggests you choose one size larger than you would normally wear. For example, if you typically wear a size L, select size XL. The black Cabretta leather reinforcements that were strategically placed on the palm of the glove made the glove seem extra tacky. Nice touch as well with the birdy ball marker.

I highly suggest trying out one of the styles of gloves from Asher Golf. I like the fact they have something for the golf purist as well as the flashy extrovert golfer. They held up great during testing. Asher Golf knows cool golf gloves so if you have any questions please contact James or any other representative of the company. Their gloves can be purchase on their newly designed website as well as from numerous online retailers. Gloves ranges in price from $17.95 to $23.00 USD and a few are also on sale. Be sure to follow them on Twitter and Facebook.


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