Apr 15, 2011

Kentwool Tour Sock Review: Kentwool Delivers On Promise

Kentwool Tour Sock Review

Bubba Watson was raving about them on Twitter. Fellow bloggers were writing about their virtues online. Kentwool apparently makes  “The World’s Best Golf Socks”. At $19.95 for a pair I was needless to say curious. After a few tweets my Social Media friends hooked me up with two pairs of Kentwool socks.  How would they fair up here in Canada. So were these as good as everyone was saying and are they really worth $19.95 pair. Read on for my review of the Men's Tour Profile and Kentwool Low Profile socks.

From the Company
Kentwool Tour was started by Mark Kent in by asking ‘why doesn’t anyone make a great golf sock?’ The company was started largely in part to Mark’s own desire to have a comfortable golf sock after having some on course issues of his own with other socks. In late 2008 the first Kentwool Sock was made and the journey of ‘the world’s best golf sock’ was underway. The claims?
* Optimizes performance
* Provides superior comfort
* Enables muscles to stay at peak conditions for long durations
* Reduces fatigue and friction-increasing circulation and preventing abrasions

Key Features, Technology & Functionality
The innovative design has a proprietary blend of super fine merino wool yarn-WINDspun by KENTWOOL- and other premium natural & high-tech fibers. The integrated foot technology system includes a micro-climate feature which reduces abrasion and muscle fatigue. Also included is:
* Moisture management and wicking properties
* Enhanced cushioning at strategic micro-stress points along the foot
* Innovatively engineered heel, toe, and bridge elements designed with advanced reinforcement-providing maximum support and protection against injury.

At Home w/ kids
For March I wore my Kentwool socks exclusively inside.  When you think of wool socks you think bulky. Kentwool socks are super lightweight and thin compared to the lumberjack wool socks most people wear in the Winter here in Canada.  After awhile I wasn’t even wearing them in my Crocs which I use as slippers during the Winter. Thank you Kentwool my feet were toasty warm and dry thanks to your blend of super fine merino wool yarn.

To The Golf Course
This isn’t your regular golf sock. Kentwool have obviously listen to golfers and what they like and dislike. Now that the weather is better I got the chance to test out the Kentwool socks at the practice range and course. The comfort, feel, and durability was outstanding testing them out with my various golf shoes (Kikkor Eppik Blaze, ECCO Golf Street, PUMA Cell Fusion). The socks are cushioned with strategically place padding along your toes, heel and arch support. Even with all this wool and padding Kentwool has managed to keep their socks thin but strong. After many washes they still retain all their great properties. For those that have feet that over heat and sweat the top of the Kentwool sock is breathable to keep your feet dry and comfy.

From years of tree planting in B.C. I did some damage to my feet so I’m quite careful what shoes and socks I wear on my feet. Kentwool guarantees that you'll never get a blister wearing their socks. I’m proud to say wearing them by themselves as well as with my various golf shoes (Puma, Kikkor, ECCO) I have had no blisters, no slippage, no pressure points whatsoever. 

Are they the best sock I've ever worn? Yes.  The toughest thing to get over is the price. $19.95 for a single pair is a lot to ask when you can get alternatives for half that price. If you walk the course and your budget allows your feet deserve to be pampered by these socks. They are as good as everyone says. Time to treat your feet to some comfy socks. Buy them online at Kentwool's Online Store.

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