Apr 21, 2011

Sligo Wear's Designs Tell A Story

We did a review of Sligo Wear last year and were really impressed with their extensive line of apparel. Sligo Wear is now in stores at Golf Town so be sure and check it out. If you're like me and you need a visual presentation of  Sligo's styles/colors. On their website they put together some color stories of their Spring 2011 line that will help you to figure out what color combinations work and don't work. If you can't find a combo you like I fear you may need a golf apparel intervention. Below are two of my favorite color stories: Haze and Orange. Check out more here.

Be sure and head over to Brian Gay's Facebook page as he wants fans to vote what Sligo pants he'll wear during Friday's round at Harbour Town Golf Links. Sticking with the Heritage style you can choose from four styles of plaid pants. Four styles to choose from: Vegas Plaid, Sligo Plaid, Platinum Plaid or Citrus Plaid.

To vote, you’ll need to visit Gay’s Facebook page (click here).

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New York Artificial Turf said...

Do you wear these colors as a distraction to the other golfers? the colors are very vibrant...