May 9, 2011

Rickie Fowler's Players Championship Puma Scripting

Love the look and colors for the first two days for Rickie. Not a fan of the third round shirt though. What are your thoughts of Rickie's Puma apparel.


Anonymous said...

Rickie would look adorable wearing a gunny sack! That being said, I like the first two days best, also. I've suggested to Puma that they change up his Sunday look, as the all-orange is getting a bit old. I'd like to see him on Sundays in white w/orange accessories, or orange/black/white design of some kind. Would be fun if Puma would let his fans vote and choose an outfit or two. MB

Dan said...

Some of his apparel gives me a headache but, it's fun to see what he's going to wear next.