Aug 11, 2011

What's Your Favorite Golf Belt?

Golf belts have become a golf fashion necessity for me and with all the options out there I though it would be interesting to hear what’s every one's favorite belt is this season?

It seems I’ve gone the Herb Tarlek way and pretty much all the belts I own are now white and my favorite this season is my White/Vibrant Orange Enamel Wide Belt from PUMA Golf.

Surprisingly it goes with much of my golf attire. From some white shorts I have from Votary Golf to some Azure colored Puma Twill Bermuda Shorts. I've been able to coordinated the vibrant orange with a plethora of color options which I initially thought might be difficult. Puma Golf really make some great quality golf belts.

Post your picks on Instagram as well let's see what you got. I'm ottawagolfblog on Instagram

Here's a few that have been offered up as favorites so far:

Some stylin' 59 Belts from a follower of Ottawa Golf Blog

A few more from a follower on Twitter. Some Puma love and a nice Beyond The Links belt.


Doc said...

Greetings from Ireland dude. Just reading your belt article. This side of the pond Druh Belts are popular. Westwood wears one and they are doing the Solheim belts too. Here's an unboxing vid I made when my one came today Cheers, Donal

Golfmax said...

I love Puma :D