Sep 10, 2011

Trusty Rusty Wedge Makes Comeback This December

Pictures have surfaced recently online of a new wedge with a definite retro appeal. Looks like the Trusty Rusty wedge is making a comeback. My source at Puma-Cobra has confirmed a December release for this wedge that first started out over 20 years ago. Do you still have one in your bag or maybe in your Sunday bag? You may want to clear out some room in your golf arsenal as this new wedge looks hot. Back is the tri-bounce sole (bounce specs will change with the setup of the club) and their popular head that is suppose to rust. It also looks like it will come in three finishes. Look for Ottawa Golf Blog to get one soon and a retro Trusty Rusty review to follow. Wedge junkie’s be warned.

What are your thoughts? The Hackers Paradise have already received one and are giving one away.

Picture from The Hackers Paradise
Tri-Bounce, all black finish, True Temper Dark Steel shaft is giving one away.

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Jeff said...

I still have my Trusty Rusty, nearly 10 years now. I have added a few other brands along the way but I have never taken it out of the bag.