Oct 1, 2011

Kentwool Golf Socks Continue To Impress

After doing an extensive Kentwool sock review early in the season I have continued to be impressed with Kentwool's golf socks. It has been one product that has continued to impress me from the first day I put a pair on my feet. I only wear Kentwool sock when i golf now and when I'm not golfing Kentwool socks get most of my miles as well.

On warm Summer days or now with the beginning of Fall golf, I love the feel of the wool on my feet. Do your self a favor and pick up a pair of Kentwool socks it's $20 well spent and your feet will thank you. Be sure and check out the KENTWOOL Tour Profile socks, which now have the logo visible on the ankle. Nice touch Kentwool.

Why Wear Wool: The Four Ws


Wool’s ability to absorb moisture from humid environments and redirect it to dryer areas makes it an ideal year-round fiber. Always keeping dry air next to skin, it creates a micro-climate for dry, odor-free feet in the summer and warmth and protection in colder months.


Superfine merino wool is lightweight, durable and requires minimal care while providing maximum comfort. Wool’s molecular makeup is like a spring, allowing it to stretch and snap back into shape far better than other leading materials.


A natural performance fiber, wool takes up moisture in vapor form and redirects it keeping skin dry to the touch. Wool can absorb up to 30% its weight in moisture without feeling damp or clammy.


Compared to other materials, the above benefits translate into a longer-lasting, higher-performing sock. By purchasing one pair of KENTWOOL socks, versus multiple pairs from other brands due to lesser quality, you put money back into your pocket.

About midway through the season I almost became a distributor here in the Ottawa area but the timing just wasn't right. Since my layoff from my full-time this September look for the possibility of Ottawa Golf Blog becoming a distributor early in 2012.

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