Nov 10, 2011

John Daly Runs Out of Balls – Video – Australian Open

So much hype this week for the Australian Open as so many President Cup players including Tiger Woods tee it up a the Australian Open this week. Unfortunately John Daly makes headlines for his usual “Daly” behaviour on the golf course.

Everything seemed calm through the first nine holes of the tournament been then things went “Down Under”. Daly ended up playing the wrong ball (doh!!) from a bunker on the tenth hole, an automatic two-stroke penalty. Then Daly began to hit his approach shot on #11 6 or 7 times into the water. He then gave up shook his playing partners hands and walked off the course.

Apparently Daly blamed it on a lack of balls, another great one from Big John. Here’s what he said on Twitter.

Looks like John won't be invited back soon to the Australian Open and it looks like his invitation to the Australian PGA Championship has been revoked as well.

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