Feb 16, 2012

Buddha Plays 18 Book Review - Tips From The Master

Edward Balian’s "Buddha Plays 18" is a fun read and great for filling the void of not being able to play golf in the Winter. Although it's a short read there is some substance to the book. I honestly didn't know what to expect as most in the genre of golf and mysticism tend to be a bit hokie but "Buddha Plays 18" touts itself to "Instantly improve your golf game using tips from the Great Master" and it doesn't with tips for all level of golfers.

The book centers on the author serving as a caddy for Buddha during a round of golf. Each chapter Buddha encounters various golfing situations(just like life). In each chapter he explains the Buddha way (Eightfold Path Principles) to each situation. These centre on the proper behaviors and attitudes while on the course.

A few tidbits from Buddha's thinking:

Rather than mentally labeling something as "trouble" or "bad" just think "opportunities" or "challenges"
So now “sand traps,” become “sand opportunities”.
Golf practice includes mental as well as physical activities. "No pain, no gain" applies to the mind as well as the body.
Suffering exists in golf - oh brother , no argument here!

Edward Balian’s "Buddha Plays 18", is an easy read and make sense when put into perspective. All level of golfers will pull something for their golf game with the tips from this book. If your interested in ordering the book you can right here. Make a comment on this post, as I'll be giving away my copy to a lucky winner. Good karma eh!

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