Mar 28, 2012

Masters Golf Pools For The Truely Fanatic Golfer

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If you're like most golf fanatics next week is a special week not only because most are getting out for there first rounds of the year but the season's first Major, the Masters begins April 5th. If you're into wagering on golf and think you have all the right picks then be sure and check out the various golf pools Séamus at Go For The Green Golf Pools has starting next week. So check your various Sportsbook reviews, golf bloggers and professionals fantasy golf prognosticators and make your picks for Séamus's golf pools now. I know I will. Here's the scoop on the pools, there's three starting next week:

  • Craig's Big 5 Pool
  • Grand Slam Pool
  • Masters Elimination Pool

1) Craig's Big 5 pool
This is our most popular pool with the largest payout we have all year. The winner typically collecting over $1000.

You select a team of 12 different golfers to compete at the 4 Majors and the Players Championship (5th Major). Total Player Earnings of contestant's selection's over the 5 events will determine winners. There are payouts for each event in addition to an overall ending payout.

The entry fee is $20 Canadian. For all the pool details including the player groupings go to:

2) Grand Slam pool

Unlike Craig's Big 5 pool, in this pool you select players at each event however you only can use the same player in 2 of the 4 Major tournaments. Total Player Earnings of contestant's selection's over the 4 Majors will determine winners. There are payouts for each Major and an overall pool ending payout.

The entry fee is $40 Canadian payable in 2 installments of $20 on April 4th & June 1st. All the pool details are at:

Masters Elimination pool

The top 60 ranked players in the field will be divided into 4 performance groups of 15 based on World Tour Rankings. You select 1 payer from each performance group. All 4 selections must make the cut otherwise you are eliminated. The total score of all four golfers will determine the outcome.

The entry fee is $20 Canadian. All the pool details are at:

To participate in these pools, the first step is to register at:

Registration deadline is Sunday April 1st, at 6pm EST.Sign up right now before it's too late. Good Luck!

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