Oct 1, 2012

Mobitee Mobile Golf Assistant Review

 Mobitee GPS App Review
This has been one great season of golf. Plenty of new and different courses played and lots of great new people I've met on the links. I've had the pleasure of testing out Mobitee's Mobile Golf Assistant for most of the season here are my thoughts on this App that is a GPS, Scorecard and Range Finder all rolled into one.

The App was easy to install on my iPhone 4S and I was up and running within a few minutes. It didn't take much time to get familiar with the setup and the inner workings of the app. I did experience a couple of crashes before I had the chance to take it onto the course but that seemed to be solved by a software update.

My experience with Golf GPS apps was nil before using Mobitee although I had used GolfShot as a scorecard app before.

Here are the features that Mobitee offers within it's app (from their website)
  • Complete golf guide for each of 35,000+ course guide (Nearby golf courses, addresses, reservations, rates, route guidance…)
  • Precise GPS tool with moveable target to calculate distances on the course (Distances for back, middle, and front of green; obstacles, doglegs, distance traveled…
  • Satellite, aerial view of each hole
  • Flyover videos
  • Rangefinder (Compatible with iPhone 3GS and 4G)
  • Shot tracking
  • Virtual coach (Club advice for each hole)
  • Interactive, automatic scorecard for up to 4 players (Net scores, Stableford, index simulation)
  • Scorecards can be shared via email
  • Updates are free
  • Simple, truly spectacular interface
Most if not all the all the course I played during the season were located in the Mobitee database. A few had poor satellite view so I only had access to scorecard. If any weren't in the database the best way to add a course not in the 35,000+ course guide is to contact Mobitee at info@mobitee.com and your course will be added within 48-72 hours.

Here is a direct link to the Mobitee Course Directory: http://www.mobitee.com/golfs

I found the GPS tool to be quite accurate and I loved having the moveable target to calculate distances on the course especially with course I was playing for the first time. Distances for back, middle, and front of green plus any bunkers or others obstacles was great for saving a few shots per round. Dragging the circle to the where you want to get a distance was a snap. This feature was definitely my favorite for this app.

The Rangefinder I didn't use as I preferred using the GPS.

Flyover videos were again very helpful for any new courses I played.

Loved the scorecard as it was easy to access from the main screen and easy to input your scores.
I would like to see Mobitee add a way to post my round to Twitter though.

Organizing your Mobitee Bag is very important. Modifying your club distance to what your distances are will help your scores from the get go. Once you've got the distances established Mobitee will suggest what club to hit from the yardage that you are sanding at.

The Mobitee Mobile Golf Assistant did use up the iPhone's battery pretty good but with a fully charged battery and turning my iPhone to sleep mode after every shot I never had a problem with my battery running out.

Mobitee GPS app sells for $24.99, which is pretty affordable considering what you get in this app. Updates are free as there have been a few since I've installed the app. Mobitee is available for the iPhone and Android phones.

Mobitee's Website is a great resource for any more information as well Mobitee's customer support.The Apple App Store is also a good resource as well.


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