Jan 27, 2013

SeeMore mSeries Review - m1 SS - Platinum Finish

 SeeMore m1 Putter Review
This review is a long time coming as I first got this putter near the end of June and used it from the beginning of July (My Cape Breton Golf Trip) to almost the end of the season (October). Most of the other reviews I'd done with SeeMore putters were done in a one or two month window. This review became more extensive as I wanted to test the SeeMore m1 blade putter out on a variety of golf courses not only ones in the Ottawa area but also ones I golfed at in Cape Breton.

Technical Specifications
• 100% milled 303 stainless steel, with milled aluminum back cavity insert behind the face for enhanced feel and enlarged sweet spot.
• Standard head weight 335 grams
• Loft 2.5 degrees
• Lie angle 68° - 74° (+/- 2 degrees available).
• Length available from 30” - 37” in 0.5” increments
• Selection of Lamkin/ Golf Pride/ Iomic/ Feel Tec/ Winn grips.

Build your own just to your liking
The great thing I like about SeeMore putters is the fact you can customize your putter. Select the length, lie angle, grip and head cover for your customized putter.

When you first look down at the SeeMore M1 putter you know your putting with something special. Although it's a considered a blade putter it is slightly oversized. Which definitely appealed to me as my gamer is a SeeMore m3.  The milling marks on the face of the m1 are a work of art.  A beautiful diamond pattern which looks amazing.

The Seemore m1 putter comes with a great looking True Temper shaft that's blacked out on the lower section of the putter. This matches the RifleScope markings on the putter perfectly. You can get the m1 putter will a plethora of grips. The Feel Tec Teal Oversize Grip I had installed on the putter is perfect for my larger hands and for me enhances the feel of putts. The platinum satin finish of the putter actually cuts down on glare which initially I was skeptical.

I received a SeeMore Private Reserve headcover with my m1. As usual an amazing headcover as I've found with most SeeMore headcover always great quality. In my opinion the best around. 

My first five rounds with the SeeMore m1 were on a golf trip to Cape Breton on varied greens. I was real curious to see how the putter would perform on courses/greens I'd never putted on before.

The first course I played was The Lakes Course outside of Sydney. The greens at The Lakes Golf Club where in great conditions the day I played the course. There are some that have a few more undulations/contours to deal with but on the whole not to difficult. The sweetspot on the m1 putter is definitely in the middle of the face. Do in part that the m1 is made from a soft 303 stainless steel SeeMore has also added a feel enhancing aluminum insert, both worked to perfection for my round at The Lakes.
I definitely found the sweetspot of the m1 putter a few times during my round as I managed 34 putts and a brilliant score of 91. No problem with distance control either as I hit a few bombs so I'm not complaining.

My round at Highlands Links Canada's third toughest course was to say the least tough. I not only had troubles putting but my ball striking was off as well. It wasn't the putter that was the problem here I was just off with reading putts and my alignment with the various undulations with the green.  So more of a misread problem rather than a poor stroke.

My rounds at Cabot Links with the SeeMore m1 were magnificent. I really had never played a course like Cabot Links before with slower grainy greens but the m1 didn't disappoint I had 2 decent putting rounds. I struck it well all two days. It was smooth as butter no muted contact from the SeeMore. That seems to be where this putter excels.

One of my favorite rounds this past season using the m1 was when I had the chance to play Rideau View Golf Course close to home here. The m1 performed beautifully on the fastest greens I've played this past year. Thanks to some solid putting I shot a 91 with no 3 putts.

RifleScope Technology
I love the RifleScope Technology it seems to work for me. Pick your line square your putter up hiding the red dot and stroke the ball. If your looking at simplifying your stroke SeeMore RifleScope Technology will do that. It simplified your setup and the alignment is more or less guaranteed by the RifleScope lines and the red dot on the top of the putter. The head weight is nicely balanced, neither too light nor too heavy promoting a smooth stroke and a solid contact.

Minor mishits are corrected by the heel and toe weighting and a strike out of the centre rolls the ball sweetly. Now remember the ball won't find the cup all the time but at least you'll know it was your alignment rather than your stroke. I find the RT great for practicing those short 3, 5 and 7 footers. The m1 is suited for a putting stroke that is slightly arced as it looks to release at impact due to the toe hang.

The SeeMore m1 putter is a high end putter with all the luster of it's competitors. It's slightly over-sized mallet will entice the traditionalist and convert the doubter of RifleScope Technology.  For me long term testing netted me the following over the 5 months:
  • made more putts
  • cut my handicap by 2 strokes
  • inspired more confidence putting
If your looking at a putter change. SeeMore is waiting to convert you! 

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