Jun 15, 2013

Top 3 Holes At Taboo Resort

Again was very hard to come up with just 3 top holes at Taboo Resort the last course I played on my Muskoka Golf Adventure. Very solid par 5s with a great mix of holes and scenery in a very relaxing tranquil setting. Here they are:

Hole #4 Par 5
A great par 5 at 491 yds. from the whites. Play your first shot between the large bunker on the right and the smaller one on the left. Then lay up with your second shot to about the 100 yd. mark. Make sure you don't pull left or right as there's bunkers on both sides. Your short little wedge shot is still going to be tricky with a narrow green and two bunkers short that will gobble up your ball if your a little fat. Rough around the green is also thick so be consistent and firm with your chips and pitches.

Hole #6 Par 4
I'm normally not a big fan of dogleg holes especially when you don't have a great view of the landing area. #6 at Taboo is just fun because it differs with great terrain and a lovely view into the green. At 371 yds. it's not to long but you need a good drive to get a good view of the green. Your drive will have to carry a large pond to a narrow fairway, fun stuff don't be timid. The green on this hole is narrow plus there's a bunker left and front. Good bail out area in front of the green. Don't be long on this hole to much nasty trouble.

Hole #18 Par 5
Another stellar par 5 from Taboo #18 is a great finishing par 5. Fairly narrow fairway so watch your drive at 500 yds. and a dogleg left to an elevated sloping green this is a three shot par 5. You really have to be precise with your second and lay it up away from the one rocky area in the middle of the fairway as well as the ones left and right further up the fairway. This is one beautiful hole I took lots of pictures with my iPhone below are just two. Depending on where the pin is this green is quite spacious and sloping with the 2 pin position being the hardest on plateau far left. What did you shoot, bogey for me pretty damn happy.

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