Jul 8, 2013

Rory VS. The Robot Laughs For Young and Old

I love to practice my short game in my backyard especially with my 5 year old son, Gus. We make it fun trying to fire the various golf balls scattered amongst the lawn into buckets, the back of toy trucks, the pool (don’t tell Mom) etc. I’m blessed to live outside of the city here in Ottawa so I actually have a backyard. I’m not sure if Rory McIlroy had a big backyard to practise his game but the former World #1 did practise hitting balls into his mother’s drying machine. The Euro Tour took that little tidbit from Rory’s life and turned it into this witty video Rory VS. The Robot. If you haven’t see Rory as a wee lad hitting a ball into a dryer be sure and check it out it’s at the beginning of the video. The rest of the video is priceless and extremely well done.

When Gus and I watched the video, Rory VS. Robot. I of course was laughing at all the subtle and not so subtle jokes. Example: Martin Kaymer/liken to a robot, Robot bugging Rory that Tiger would be sitting with his feet up, and the Robot saying you know what you just touched. Gus being five years old was more concerned about whether it was it a real life video and did the robot truly exist. He defintely thought the video was cool. I was impressed once again with another great See Every Shot Imaginable from the European Tour.

What did you like about the video? What would you like to see the European Tour do next? Let us know here at Ottawa Golf Blog by leaving a comment here on the blog or on our Twitter account.

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