Sep 17, 2013

Fall Cleaning My Golf Closet

Having a golf blog definitely has its perks. Getting to play some of Canada’s and the World’s best golf courses is something I’m very fortunate to be able to do. Writing about these golf adventures I try to bring out my passion and enthusiasm.

I also receive a ton of clothes, shoes and other golf paraphernalia each season to review. Most by the end I like to distribute to my kids, family and friends. It’s good to keep the golf vibe going especially among the young. Got to get kids involved in the sport right?

So I’m cleaning out my closet the other day, trying to regain some resemblance of order. I stumbled upon a plethora of golf shoes that in some golf stores would be considered a wide selection of golf shoes. I had the spike less, the running shoe look-a-like, the traditional, the bright, and the subdued. Considering you can only wear one pair of golf shoes, why had I so many still?

Shoes are a hard thing to give away. First thing is there size 12. Most of my friends are not that size. Second thing I love my golf shoes and I love to have options when I’m golfing and practising. Some shoes I wear for different weather or if I’m playing a early morning or later day round. Plus there’s the whole color coordination thing.

I ended up not getting rid of any shoes just yet for me. It’s not like I’m scouring the Internet for affordable golf shoes from Adidas, ECCO or Puma. I just can’t part with some of my golf shoes yet.

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