Oct 14, 2013

Sunice Announces Its Spring 2014 Outerwear Offerings

Sunice outerwear has always been on the cutting edge for serious golfers. Here's what to look forward to for Spring 2014.

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October 14, 2013
Sunice Announces Its Spring 2014 Outerwear Offerings

Montreal, Quebec - It is an exciting year for Sunice Golf. The collection has never been so bold - a harmonious balance of style and technology. Sunice 2014 is all about colour and style. Letting the designs be more of a backdrop to highlight the technical focus of the garment and letting the colour be the leader.  

In ladies the colours came from one common idea - Girl Power - no wallflowers here. The colours are bold and force you to stand out amongst the crowd. Hot and bright pinks complimented with classic white and grounded to charcoal for a more commercial palette. Saturated and lush purple hues - popped with neon corals. A fresh new approach to the basic blocking of pastels that is more athletically inspired but still keeps the fashionista in mind. Lots of fun and flirty colour combos as gone are the days of muted tones - stand out and be heard is the new wave - a brave new world.   

 The men's we took a different approach. More classic menswear tones of charcoals and blacks combined with an edgy twist of neon yellows and incorporating sophisticated modern plaids - not your usual golfwear anymore. We also played with the primary colours of blues and mixed them with bright green - forcing them into new palette - to not be afraid of colour - to think of these bold shades as updated neutrals. Safe with an edge. The 2014 men's palette is masculine in its entirety but taken to a new level with a neon infusion - Brooks brothers with flare.

Sunice continues to design and develop seven different categories in their Spring 2014 offering including the new Sunice Outerwear collection EDGE - a trimmer fit using Gore Tex enhanced with Paclite technology, Hurricane, Tornado, Typhoon, Pro Sport and Sport but with a major focus on our layering systems. We are continuing to expand our highly technical apparel line, Sunice Silver using only X-Static and XT2 fabrics in our polo collection. Each outerwear category provides different levels of protection from an array of weather conditions. A multitude of technical applications and
 the science of developing performance apparel gives Sunice the cutting edge necessary in providing the ultimate Freedom to play, no matter the weather.

All new EDGE Collection

Featuring GORE-TEX® enhanced with Paclite® technology and backed by the GORE-TEX® "Guaranteed to keep you dry™" promise, the Edge Collection differentiates itself from the Hurricane Collection with a new trimmer fit and bold colors and bigger branding.
To keep in tune with this committment to a bolder and edgier collection we have combined vivid blues and bright tennis ball yellows to take us to the next level - a be out there colour palette introducing the a neon explosion of Tennis Ball. We feel it is a perfect blend of fashion and sport. A true testimony to the Sunice Player - bold and fun but should be taken seriously. The collection contains 3 jackets and 1 pant in a trimmer fit. Each of these jackets and pullovers include the game enhancing features of our Pro trim waist cinching system, in-pocket ball cleaner and a fit designed to elevate the performance of the player. The design was clear for this category - less asymmetric styling and a focus on a cleaner look that is more body specific in the colour blocking usinglaser cut welding detail and ergonomically designed laser cut welded pocket frames - letting the technical aspects of the jacket be our focus.

Hurricane Collection

Featuring GORE-TEX® and GORE-TEX® enhanced with Paclite® technology, and backed by the GORE-TEX® "Guaranteed to keep you dry™" promise, the Hurricane Collection is the Sunice Gore category.

The Ultimate Jacket is back in its sixth adaptation (V6), with a complete re-design and the reintroduction of the ever popular Albany jacket. The Sunice science is evident in these jackets with the added features, including the X-Static® stretch lining, Pro-Trim™ waist cinching system, in-pocket ball cleaner, and stretch insert back panel. The Sunice DNA is represented in detailing such as laser cut designs on the sleeves and body, laser cut and welded pocket frames, and the Sunice patented V collar design.

Tornado Collection

Breathable, extremely lightweight and ultra quiet jackets backed by a four-year waterproof guarantee are what define the Tornado Collection.
Sunice FlexVent™ for 2014 introduces new 2 new styles of a full zip jacket and a pullover. Versatile, full stretch, highly breathable, and waterproof, this proprietary fabric technology is perfect for playing golf in heavy rain or varying temperatures with its performance features and extreme comfort. Our FlexVent™ fabric is one of the most waterproof stretch fabrics on the market. With its uniquely soft hand feel and super quiet stretch laminate, we believe this is the future in waterproofs.

Typhoon Collection

The Typhoon category - now a full-stretch, waterproof category with a three-year waterproof guarantee - encompasses all that a well designed, lightweight rainsuit should be. Introduced in 2011, Zephal™ is a quieter-performing lightweight fabric that now has the added benefit of full stretch. A complete revamp in the design of our performance jackets with more streamlined silhouettes - less cut and sew and more laser cutting - showcasing the brighter pop colours for a more modern feel - will act as the catalyst for Sunice to gain an even a greater leadership position at this level of rainwear. This category has become synonymous with value proposition for a highly technical rainsuit, incorporating all the game enhancing features that Sunice is famous for and using laser cut welding detail, ergonomically designed laser cut welded pocket frames, and the Sunice patented V collar design - all part of the Sunice DNA.null

Pro-Sport Collection

Taking what we do best and applying it outside of the raingear spectrum has resulted in the Sunice ProSport Collection. This category features WINDSTOPPER® by Gore as its high-end performance gear, resulting in lightweight and fashion driven layering pieces.

For those weather conditions that are a little more demanding, your ultimate choice should be a WINDSTOPPER® garment. The most breathable, 100% windproof, highly water repellent styles available from Sunice include the new Triberg as a super lightweight and 4 ways stretch jacket; while the Malaga is the vest version incorporating the same features. The Harvey, York, and Huntley all provide new design options in our infamous WINDSTOPPER® lined sweaters.

Sport Layers Collection

Adding properly designed layers into a golf wardrobe can enhance a golfer's overall physical performance and ultimately improve their golf game. Sunice Performance Layers are designed to create an apparel layering system that allows golfers to play at their very best in all weather conditions. For cool mornings or damp dawns early in the season, when an extra layer is needed without the extra bulk or weight, the Creston and Campbell have been added to this category which features our ever popular Allendale SuperLite FX™ Pullover to complete this offering. The new gel prints added to these two new styles act as an anti-slip system for carrying your golf bag but also add a technical aspect to a classic layering piece. Thermal properties combined with moisture wicking attributes, and bright color combinations are just a few of the details that make these layering pieces stand out from the rest.

The ladies 2014 offering has also been updated to include new layering ¼ zips and full zip jackets in the Eva and Ivory. We focused on the femininity of the player in providing more contoured silhouettes to give shape and movement to the player. Athletic couture was the mind set behind the ladies spring collection. null

First layers were not our only focus in 2014 - the windgear collection was redesigned to introduce all new pieces to the collection -fulfilling our committment to our layering story by providing the ultimate second lightweight layer to the system. Laser cut welding details, ruching, bolder prints adding fluidity and motion, bright colour combos, new trims are just some of the new teasers to look for when trying on our new Sunice Windgear.  

Silver Collection

In continuing to strive to be the leader in technical golf apparel - we at Sunice wanted to find the ultimate performance fabric for our polos that would reflect our commitment to bringing the best technical fabrics to our golf collection - to act as an extension of your golf equipment - as we believe what you wear is equally as important as what you play with. In doing so we formed an exclusive partnership with X-Static - a permanent technology that uses 99.9% pure silver filaments in the fabrication of our yarns. Sunice is the only golf apparel company to have the silver technology in its garments, featuring X-Static® and XT2® fabrics.  

The Men's Sunice Silver Spring 2014 Collection offers a wider selection of core basics including a performance pique short sleeve polo option, lightweight merino wool thermal layering, and bottoms in a variety of plaids and solids. Bottoms are available in Black, Midnight and Charcoal as well as our new Intense Blue. Full stretch fabric, fit and stain release are a few of the characteristics that make the Peter moisture wicking shorts the perfect compliment to wear with your Sunice Silver Polo. Deconstructed argyles, toned down asymmetric colour blocking, subtle placement prints and an assortment of stripes giving the collection a much sportier and cleaner look which blend perfectly into our view of the collection as being more sophisticated and menswear inspired.

The Women's Sunice Silver Collection offers basics to merchandise back into the fashion collections and bottoms in solids and a new sew free knit skort. The Miami Nice Collection is made up of classic charcoals and whites enhanced with a bright and bold Neon Pink Glo; Over the Edge is classic and sophisticated black and white combos with pops of neon coral in hidden trims - more of a streetwear feel toned down to be a perfect fit for the links; One of a Kind collection is a perfect marriage between two unlikely colours merged together in harmony - imperial purple with an explosion of neon coral. Sunice Silver for women provides clean lines with feminine fashion detailing to a technical shirt collection - no more boxy fits, something that women will finally be excited to wear on or off the golf course.

About Sunice
Sunice®, founded in 1976 in Alberta, Canada as a skiwear brand, successfully transcended its technical outerwear capabilities into the golf market in the early 1990s as the golf industry gravitated towards designing sport-specific garments that truly helped enhance the game. Thus, it's no surprise Sunice® - owned and run by Montreal, Canada-based Fletcher Leisure Group Inc., a company with 42 years of golf industry experience - meets the demands of the most discerning golfer. Sunice® golf rainwear is a chosen favorite by many PGA and LPGA Tour players around the world.

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Dan said...

There aren’t enough words to describe how cool Sunice's gear is. I'm so happy with my bits n' bobs. As you probably know, whether it’s equipment or apparel, golf stuff can be and usually is an investment. If you’re one who likes to play in inclement weather you know that the proper gear is required. Not only to enjoy the round but just to be able to play the round itself. Having the right kind of jacket could arguably be the most important piece of clothing that a golfer owns and uses in the spring or fall months. My Sunice Bowen Tornado jacket (cost around $250) is worth every bit and more. Unless you constantly play in horrible conditions, there’s no reason why this jacket couldn’t last for years and years so look at the price as an investment rather than a big number. Sure it’s on the pricy side but the quality and performance of this jacket are top notch. Good post pointing out all the main points and benefits. Well done and keep up the good work.