Feb 10, 2014

Mesquite Nevada A Golf Oasis I Must Play Soon

As any Canadian golfer knows, we have lots of time during the winter to dream of sunny golf destinations. Booming a long drive out into a lush fairway take over our thoughts during most of those dreary days of winter. One such place you may drift to might be the Mesquite area of Nevada. I recently contacted Cody Law the Executive Director of Golf Mesquite Nevada  through LinkedIn and asked a few questions through email about Mesquite as a golfing destinations for those of us just dying to get out and hit a ball.

Q&A with Cody Law from Mesquite Golf Nevada

Q: Mesquite Nevada was just recently named by Golf Digest as one of the top places (#19) to go for a buddies golf trip. What makes the area good for a golf buddy trip?

Cody: The thing that sets Mesquite apart from any other golf destinations is the proximity of our courses to our hotels. We have seven championship golf courses within 5 minutes of any of our hotels in Mesquite. The other thing that sets us apart is our pricing. We are a value destination, but the experience the golfer has compares with some of the top golf destinations in the world.

 Try not hitting your ball into one of these bunkers at Coyote Springs Golf Club, fun stuff.

Q:What’s unique about the golf courses in the Mesquite area? What can golfers expect for their first Mesquite/desert golf experience?

Cody:  Each of our golf courses are unique in their own way. Some of them tote names from world class designers and others were designed by locals. Each one is a true desert golf course that will test all aspects of the game. All of the courses have stunning views that require you to bring your camera.

Q:When’s the best time to golf in Mesquite and why?

Cody: We have two prime seasons: Oct-Nov and Feb-May. That's the most popular time of year to visit because the weather usually stays around 70.

Q:What makes Mesquite Golf Nevada different from other companies that offer the same kind of stay and play packages?

Cody: GolfMesquiteNevada.com is owned by the golf courses who we sell tee-times for. Because of that, we offer the lowest stay and play packages in Mesquite. That's our guarantee.

Q:How were the courses/resorts picked for the various packages offered at Mesquite Golf Nevada?

Cody: Golf Mesquite Nevada is the marketing co-op for the destination. The partners who pay into the co-op are the hotels and courses who are picked for the packages we offer.

Q: What’s your favorite golf hole in the Mesquite area and why?

Cody: Depends on the day and how well I'm playing. Every course has a specific hole that I like. Usually it's the most blind hole on the course that requires some shot management.

 Can you say desert, the beautiful Palmer at Oasis Golf Club

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