Apr 2, 2014

Coldfusion Golf Ball Review

When Frozen Balls are Good

Part 1 North Carolina Review- Cape Fear National Golf Course

Being a golfer in Canada means you have to be use to playing in all kinds of weather conditions. Sometimes you need a little help with hand warmers and various layers of clothing. How about a golf ball that actually performs better in colder conditions, sounds pretty good right? Well I was lucky enough to meet Ted Ciesla from ColdFusion Golf Balls on my North Carolina Golf trip and golfed with him at Oyster Bay Golf Links. He was nice enough to give me a couple of sleeves of balls.

ColdFusion Golf Balls - the only golf ball designed specifically for cold weather. Designed and manufactured for playing golf when the thermometer dips below 60 degree F (15.5 degrees C).

I decided to break out the first sleeve of Coldfusion golf balls at Cape Fear National Golf Course. The weather was shaping up for a fair test for the Coldfusion, the only golf ball designed specifically for cold weather.

The day of our round at Cape Fear was cold windy and with a low in the 40s.
The conditions were extremely tough all round with major gusts of wind to 40+ km/h.

I decided from the get go to only use the Coldfusion golf ball on the par 3s.
I found the ball worked great off the tee on all the par 3s. I used both irons and hybrids off the tee and didn’t see any lose of length with any of the club. The ball has a nice click off the irons and hybrids. The ball performed well out of the bunkers at Cape Fear.

With any chips and pitches around the green I found it to be an adequate ball. Would of like a little better feel around the green with the ball. On the green the ball putted adequately I found the feel not as much to my liking as my usual staple of golf balls.

For maximum playability, chill ColdFusion Golf balls before teeing them up.ColdFusion Golf balls are priced affordable at only $29.99/dozen and available for purchase online. Bulk and international orders are available by contacting ColdFusion Golf.

My first round with the Coldfusion was good, I look to further test this cold weather ball up here in the Great White North. The golf season should be just around the corner here in Ottawa so I’ll be testing the Coldfusion golf ball soon at Rideau View Golf Course soon. Stay tuned.

Standard golf balls are manufactured for an optimum temperature of ~80 degrees F. When they get cold, they become less resilient and don’t compress as they should off the clubface. This can result in a loss of 2 – 2.5 yards for every 10 degree drop in temperature. The chillier it gets, the greater the loss in distance and feel. With ColdFusion Golf balls, the colder it gets the better they perform.

What makes the ColdFusion golf ball function so well in frosty conditions is its core/cover combination. Built to USGA specifications the ball is designed using a custom core that when chilled or even frozen, retains its elasticity, leading to better distance control. The softer and thicker cover also ensures the ball is more responsive off the club face, giving golfers more spin control around the greens, and better feel with every club in their bag, including their putter.

About ColdFusion Golf Inc.
ColdFusion Golf is the leader in cold weather golf products. Its mission is to provide golfers with
solutions that will help improve their golf game and have more consistency and fun on the course when
the temperature drops below 60 degrees F.
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